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How does the website work?

My Trading Hub is an educational and social platform. You can learn how to trade and reach other traders, share, chat, make friends, discuss trading with like-minded individuals and professional traders.

All of our training is entirely free. Just create a free account and start participating on the site. Whenever you're interacting with the site and other members (for instance sharing an article, opening a trading journal, or sending messages and leaving comments) you earn HubCreds.

You can then use these HubCreds as a currency to access more advanced account functions! To learn more about the HubCreds system, click here.

Join now.

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How do the HubCreds work?

HubCreds are awarded every time you perform certain tasks.

These tasks are tailored to get you the most from our training packages, ensuring you go through all of our lessons and learn to trade properly. Every time you perform a HubCred rewarding task you’ll get the appropriate amount of HubCreds delivered to your account.

These HubCreds then pile up and can be used to upgrade your account.

My Trading Hub is a completely free trader training website. Our HubCreds system is the currency of this website. Get involved, participate and take your trading education seriously and you’ll gather all the HubCreds you need to reach the highest levels of your training.

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How do I get HubCreds?

HubCred rewarding tasks are all over the site. You can get HubCreds from simply commenting on pages, posting in the forums or even just logging in!

Below is a list of the HubCreds rewarded for tasks. It is not required for you to perform all these tasks every day. This system has been made to ensure that you go through all of our content and get the best education possible.

Opening a live account* 250 HubCreds
Refering a friend 50 HubCreds
Per trading journal visitor See this section
Updating your trading journal 5 HubCreds
Activity on your trading journal 2 HubCreds per comment
Activity on training content you write in 2 HubCreds per comment
Create a new forum topic 5 HubCreds
Activity on your forum topic 2 HubCreds per comment
Create a new forum post 1 HubCred
Commenting or rating a post 1 HubCred
Commenting 1 HubCred
Answering a question 5 HubCreds
Receiving an answer on a question 2 HubCreds

* Only applicable with partner brokers.

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How do I get HubCreds fast?

Below you will find what we believe is the perfect action plan as a new member. If you follow these steps, you'll earn a ton of HubCreds really quickly.

This is just a suggestion, you don't have to follow these exact steps.

Step one – Start you own trading journal and write a few posts. Present yourself, talk about your ambitions, dreams and what you want to achieve with trading.

Step two – Go through an entire course following every lesson. For example, go through our entire forex trading course

Step three – Get sharing. Each comment on any content you write gives you HubCreds.

Step four – Get involved in the social section of the website. Fill up your profile, update your picture and join in. Here are a few things to keep in mind while using our site.

  • Be natural – We have a strict no-spam policy. We know you're excited, but don't start spamming everywhere just to get HubCreds. You are here to learn. Spend time reading articles, watching videos and browsing our training.
  • Invite your friends – Invites bring you lots of HubCreds. Keep in mind that you should only invite friends or family members who are interested in our content. No need to spam everyone!
  • Be active in the community – You wouldn't believe the amount of HubCreds you'll make just by being yourself. Surf around, post comments, reply to others, make friends, share pictures and so on. Do all of that and you'll gather plenty of HubCreds without even realising.
  • Keep your trading journal up to date – By posting updates on your journal you will not only learn a LOT (we love students who take their education seriously) but you'll also make plenty of HubCreds. Always keep in mind that you're here to learn. Updating your journal is a must for all of our students, the HubCreds you get are just a bonus.
  • Trade live – Once you're ready, start trading live using one of our recommended brokers. Follow your rules, stick to your strategy and start earning real money! Additionally you'll make HubCreds every time you trade.
  • Take another course – You probably registered on our site for a specific type of training. You've gone through the course that interested you, good job. Now you might want to consider broadening your horizon and taking one or two other courses. Do so, they're free! You'll make some HubCreds but most of all you'll learn invaluable trading skills.

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What can I spend my HubCreds on?

As this website's currency, your HubReds can be spent on events, offers and other things we provide.

Remember that you're getting these HubCreds for free, meaning that everything is accessible to anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to complete their education.

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How do I get HubCreds for live trading?

One of our members' favorite ways of gathering HubCreds is simply by trading their live account. With each live trade you put on, you will get credited a corresponding amount of HubCreds. The amount of HubCreds credited will be tailored to the size of your trade. The larger an account you trade, the more HubCreds you'll make.

Please note that you will get credited for live trading only if you trade using one of our recommended brokers. If you don't have an account with them yet, simply go to our brokers recommendation page and open an account with a broker that best suits you.

Let us know once you have opened a live account and we will credit you with HubCreds and start tracking your trading. You will get credited HubCreds every day from then on. Your HubCreds balance will be updated on a weekly basis. It's not an instant process.

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How do I increase my rating?

Your rating increases based on positive feedback from content you write and share.

Whenever you write anything in your journal, training section or question section people are able to comment and rate it with a thumbs up or down.

A thumbs up rating increases your personal rating and a thumbs down rating lowers it.

To increase your rating you should add content around the site, but more importantly, content people find useful.

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Who do I listen to?

The rating system on this site has been designed to help new members know who to listen to and which content is the most important.

On too many forums or trading websites, reputation is simply made or evaluated by the number of posts a user has. On MyTradingHub, we work with verified results. Our members are awarded for actual results in the markets and positive feedback on their writing, not how many posts they have.

To decide who to listen to, always try to aim for users with the highest rating.

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How do I get my live trading results verified?

To verify your live trading results, please use our contact form. We will help you through the process. (It's very simple and quick).

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Your Trading Journal

Why should I use my trading journal?

It has been evident in our experience that students who held an up-to-date trading journal performed as much as 3 times better than students who don't.

Opening a trading journal is a statement: you are ready to make it big in the trading industry and you are serious about learning from your mistakes.

By opening a trading journal, you also show us that you’re taking us seriously. We offer our help and all of our content to you for free. In exchange, we expect our students to do their absolute best to succeed.

We want to grow the best performing trading community on the internet.

As a beginner trader, you need to keep track of what you’re doing. Keeping a trading journal and actively updating it will help you realise your mistakes. It will make them stick with you and help you avoid them in the future. It will also help you remember your successes.

Finally, a trading journal is an opportunity for us – the mentors and other traders – to follow your progression. By reading your updates we will be able to bring you our help, share our expertise and point you in the right direction when needed.

Opening a trading journal is a no-brainer. If you don’t already have one, get to it right away. Oh, also, opening a trading journal and posting in it will make you a load of HubCreds.

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How do I publish an entry on my trading journal?

To publish an entry in your trading journal, you first need to be logged in.

Once logged in at the top right of your screen click on "control panel". In the panel on the left hand side under your avatar you'll see a link called "trading journal".

Click that link to go straight to your journal, once there you'll see a big blue button called "write a new journal entry"


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How do I earn HubCreds per visitor?

As the proud owner of a trading journal, you are entitled to get rewarded for your hard work.

Once a month, we credit HubCreds to our trading journal writers. You are automatically in this program and have nothing else to do but share your progress with us to start earning HubCreds. These HubCreds are on top of the HubCreds awarded for new posts. Every month, our team decides of a pool of HubCreds we'll attribute accross all our trading journal owners.

We then look at the number of visitors each trading journal has received during the month (through analytical tools) and, by a simple rule of percentage, divide the pool of HubCreds between our members.

In the near future we'll be rewarding the best performing traders with real money rewards too!

A few tips on how to bring more visitors (and more HubCreds!):

  • Post frequently - Readers like to be entertained and having a lot of new content will keep them coming back. Try to post once every two or three days.
  • High quality content - Readers don't like to open your trading journal just to see 2 lines about which trades you took. Try to provide value, even if you're a complete beginner. Talk about what you've learned, the mistakes you've made, what you're doing to fix them, and so on. The idea is to create a learning environment.
  • Be nice - Everyone likes nice people!
  • Share your posts around the internet - If you have a social media account, share your posts! Ask your friends to read, then ask them to share it to their friends. If you can get the ball rolling it could be thousands of visitors coming in to read every post.

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Training & mentoring

Which training course should I take?

It’s up to you really. We have plenty of members who take several courses.

Our philosophy is that we want to provide you with enough content that you can find what fits your style and expectations. By going through several courses you will figure out which ones speak to you and which ones you simply don’t like.

As a rule we would advise that if you have absolutely no prior experience you should start from the forex course. The forex market is very volatile, there are plenty of strategies to apply and it’s much easier to understand than say stock or option trading. Afterwards, it’s up to you!

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How do I get individual mentoring?

In the very near future MyTradingHub will be maintaining a list of mentors available to book for individual mentoring.

These mentors will be screened vigorously, their results checked and verified and their teaching skills assesed.

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Who do I listen to?

My Trading Hub is a large community of traders from all around the world, and it might get confusing for you when it comes to assessing whether or not a member is worth listening to.

The highest rated traders are always great to listen to. They have been deemed as a good source of information by all members of MyTradingHub through the rating system. Traders don't get a high rating unless members have given it to them, it's like crowdsourced trust!

Our HubCreds system might be a bit misleading. Don’t give more weight into the advice from a member who has lots of HubCreds. Having lots of HubCreds simply means that the member has spent a lot of time with us and has been active. These members can however direct you on the site and help you with their extended knowledge of our content.

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Trader Search

What is the Trader Search?

Our Trader Search is a search engine for everything that is related to trading.

You can use it to find products, brokers, books, signals, robots, and more. What makes our search engine great is that you can look for products that exactly match your parameters.

Some examples:

You are looking for a forex broker, islamic trading account to deposit £200 and you want them regulated in the UK, or

Perhaps you want a trading book purely on the psychology of trading, within 5 years old, that costs below £30.

By using our Trader Search, you can find exactly what you're looking for.

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How can I submit a review?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to submit a review! We really appreciate your efforts. To submit a review, visit the page for the product you'd like to reivew and fill in the submit review form at the bottom of the page.

Whilst you're there don't forget to tag that product as something you've used, there's a button on the top right of the page. That way it will show in your profile and people will know it's trusted by you!

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About Me

Who are we?

My Trading Hub is an educational website managed by a single person. It uses the power of numbers to deliver top quality and trusted content to people who are looking to get involved in trading.

Providing free content in the form of articles, courses, webinars, videos and much more.

The websites creaton came after witnessing the rise in the last 10 years of ill-intentioned websites or companies trying to hard-sell people their flawed and often completely useless “trading holy grails”. Seeing the amount of people getting scammed by salesmen gave the realisation that there is a strong lack of quality trader training available for free on the internet.

The goal is to build a strong and powerful website that can reach millions of people around the world with one goal: provide quality trader training for free.

This website contains a goldmine of information about trading, strategies, indicators, videos, templates, and so on. Accessible for free.

Join now for free

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Who are you?

Hi there! I'm Dean. You can contact me through my profile if you want to say hi.

How does this website work?

My Trading Hub is a trading educational platform that is available for everyone for free. All you have to do is browse around, create a free account and start learning. To open a free account, go to this page.

If I create an account, will you spam me 20 emails a day?

No sir (or ma'am)! I have a strict policy on emailing. I don't send generic website emails, you'll just get email notificaitons when something happens on site that affects you. You can turn these off and on in your settings.

Why is it all free?

Because I think it's how it should be.

I want to create a platform that enables people to share quality knowledge which prevents people from spending money on worthless training.

I want you to know you can be profitable trading and don't need to spend thousands of pounds on a fake fancy indicator or strategy that would suddenly make you rich.

The Holy Grail is work and dedication.

In exchange for all of this free and amazing content, I simply ask you to participate and help us reach more and more people every day by sharing and creating content.

Yeah, but you obviously get something out of it!?

Of course I do, my personal income predominantly comes from my trading, but this website does also make a little money.

The income made by this website comes from people opening trading accounts with our recommended brokers. Even then though, the brokers are recommended by the rating of all the members, not by me.

In the future I may also support this website with advertising, nothing decided yet though.

To make things sound even more ridiculous, in the future, MyTradingHub members will be able to buy HubShares with their HubCreds. HubShares will be used to buy ownership in the website, allowing the owner of HubShares to make real money from ALL the money the website makes.

Will you ever ask for money at some point? Is this a trap?

No, I won't. The site is completely free and will remain free.

This is amazing! I own a website and want to talk about you. Can I?

Of course you can! Simply contact me to tell me about your website and I'll probably talk about you too!

I don't have any financial knowledge. Will I get lost?

I hope not, because that means I've built a crap website! The website is tailored towards people just like you. Made in a way that doesn't require you to have any prior knowledge of anything, except how to hold a mouse and turn on your computer!

Where can I get a trading account?

It all depends on which assets you're looking to trade.

Go to our broker recommendations page and pick one.

Alright enough, where do I sign up?

Right here, welcome aboard!

Something's not working, what can I do?

If you found a bug or anything that looks odd, please contact me through the Bug Report page as soon as possible. I'll be very grateful for your help.

This site is awesome. Can I work for you?

MyTradingHub is always looking for new talent. Send me your CV or have a look at the we are hiring! page for more information.

I am getting many email alerts, can I turn it off?

Certainly. Simply go into your private profile click the red "settings" button at the top right. Turn off anything you don't want.

I'm a long time trader and professional in my field, can I create a course on your website?

Yes. Use the contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

I'll get back to you as fast as possible and try to arrange something. I'm always looking for people to help the site in any way they can. Remember that all of this is free and therefore I need all the help I can get.

I'm hooked, where do I put my credit card numbers?

Nowhere, unless you want to buy me a fancy gift!

I don't ask you for any money, everything is free; you are welcome to learn and enjoy yourself without spending a dime.

The only thing I ask in exchange is that you participate as much as you can.

Contributing traders do have a donate button under their avatar alongside any content they write. If you want to say thanks with your wallet I'm sure they'd be very appreciative. 100% of any donation goes straight to the trader, MyTradingHub makes no money from donations, unless you donate to me of course!

Is anyone really reading all this?

Yep, looks like you are! Here, have a cookie.

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